Fathima Sofia murder: Narada News releases phone recordings of Fr. Arogyaraj, others confessing to the crime

After blindly believing the police for nearly two years that her daughter had committed suicide, Santhi Rosily finally succeeded to smoke out her daughter's murderer hiding in the silver garb of spirituality

Fathima Sofia murder: Narada News releases phone recordings of Fr. Arogyaraj, others confessing to the crime

Over one and a half years after her daughter Fathima Sofia was found dead at church quarters in Walayar in Kerala in 2013, Santhi Rosily finally succeeded to smoke out the murderer of her daughter in a dramatic way. She diligently gathered evidence to bring the culprits to justice by putting herself at the helm to track them down and her attempts didn’t go in vain.

Santhi Rosily, wife of S Sahayaraj of Swamiyar Street, Coimbatore, was never uptight about the taboo in the Church for her efforts to unearth the criminals hiding in the silver garb of spirituality. Her inquest resulted not only exposed Father Arogyaraj, who had killed her daughter, but also the Bishop and other priests who helped Arogyaraj to run off to Rome. We should give a big applause to Santhi for her daring attempt to bring all the names in the dock. Here are the recordings of Santhi's conversations in Father Arogyaraj and others, in which they confess to the crime:

Shanthi Roselin's conversation with Fr. Arogyaraj

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Conversation with Kulantha Raj

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Conversation with Madalai Muthu

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The case of Fathima Sofia was written off as suicide by the police. Santhi, too, had initially believed that her daughter had committed suicide. Later, she came across some photographs of her demised daughter, which were kept hidden from her by her husband who did not want her to get more distressed. In those photographs, she saw marks of thrashing on her face and that led her to check her room. She found a letter written by her daughter in that room. Thus began the inquest....

Santhi found that her daughter's death was a cruel murder played in the living quarters of the church. Fathima was strangulated to death by Father Arogyaraj. As a result of the solo investigation by this mother, the police arrested Father Arogyaraj of Walayar Church last December. The arrested also included the Bishop and five priests for allegedly hiding and protecting the culprit. Fr. Melcure of Coimbatore Kottur Christ King Church, Lowrence, Madalai Muthu, Kulantha Raj and Bishop Dr. Thomas Aquinore of Coimbatore parish church were the arrested.

A X-pass Rosily, who had always used the basic model cell phone, was unfamiliar with the technical facilities of smartphones and the English language. Yet, the interesting fact is that she trapped all the culprits using a smartphone. She did so by talking to Arogyaraj, who killed her daughter, and other priests by brilliantly eking out confession to the crime from them for a time of one and half years, which they haughtily did without hesitation as they did not fathom her determination to bring them to book.

Letter written by Fathima

‘You spoiled my life,’ Fathima's letter starts in Tamil language, followed by English. It reads: You only are responsible for my death.

It was written a month before her death. Santhi knew that the only outsider close to Fathima was Fr. Arogyaraj. Later, Santhi went to meet the Bishop 33 times, but he refused to see her. After 15 days of Fathima's death, the Bishop conducted an investigation and found Arogyaraj responsible of the incident. Later, it came to light that the Bishop himself has initiated to send Arogyaraj to Rome.

Santhi talked to Arogyaraj after one and a half years of her daughter’s murder. She told him that she dreamt of her daughter who was weeping and asking the reason for her murder. Arogyaraj replied that he had strangulated her to death and the police advised him to say that she was found hanging and died on the way to hospital. He added that this information was known to the Bishop and other priests. He dared to reveal this information believing that it happened a long time ago and the support from the police would ensure that there is no further investigation into that.

Fathima was 11 years old when she first met Fr. Arogyaraj. She was an introvert and Arogyaraj had a close relationship with her family. Santhi recalled Fathima had deep respect for Arogyaraj. After six years of service at Coimbatore church, he was transferred to Sentilas church in Walayar, Palakkad. He continued to be in contact with her family after the relocation.

After she passed Class X, they sent her to Sunday class in Walayar Chandrapuram Church. Arogyaraj used to come on every Saturday morning to take Fathima to Walayar church in his car. After the Saturday session, she had to stay in a nuns' hostel. He would take her back to Coimbatore after the Sunday class and it continued for a long time. It was during one of the sojourns that Fathima got killed.

Fathima was murdered on 22nd July, 2013. At that time, Santhi was attending to her mother-in-law undergoing treatment at a hospital in Coimbatore. Her last memory of her daughter is that of bidding her goodbye as she left for the trip. When she was in the ICU with her mother-in-law, she got a call from an unknown number. On picking it, she heard Fathima saying over the phone: "I killed, I killed". She couldn’t call back immediately as she was in the ICU. One hour later, when she called back, Fr. Arogyaraj attended the call and told her: “(Fathima) Sophia has committed suicide.”

Arogyaraj said he had seen someone talking to Fathima that day and later found her hanging from the fan in the room she was staying. She died on her way to the hospital, he had said in his statement. Everyone believed this story for almost two years. Police also concluded it as a suicide, saying that it is a case in which no clue is found.

There were so many attempts to negotiate on this case after Santhi began her fight against the Church and Fr. Arogyaraj. In spite of tabooing and other stabs, she didn’t agree for any compromise. Later they were extirpated from the Church and Bishop and others advised them that everything should be limited to the information of the Church Committee. There were attacks on her family and house after she revealed the involvement of Fr. Arogyaraj in the murder of her daughter. She told Narada News that she has vowed to bring justice to her daughter at any cost.