AIADMK ignores Sasikala Pushpa's life threat claim, sacks her for slapping row

It may be recalled that Sasikala had hit the headlines recently for slapping DMK leader Tiruchi Siva at the Delhi airport

AIADMK ignores Sasikala Pushpa

Rajya Sabha member Sasikala Pushpa was shown the door by the AIADMK, hours after she made a startling statement in the House on Monday. She said that she was facing "life threat" and was being "compelled to resign".

It may be recalled that Sasikala had hit the headlines recently for slapping DMK leader Tiruchi Siva at the Delhi airport. In her address at the Rajya Sabha on Monday, she remarked: "Something was spoken against my party leader and I behaved like that."

Sasikala did not give any detailed reference to the incident, but said there was no safety for women."I fear threat to my life. I am being compelled to resign from my constitutional post by my leader for whom I have much gratitude."

"They are compelling me to resign from the post. I will not do it. Where is the safety for women? I have been harassed. I have been slapped by ," she said, without naming anyone.

But her 'threat to life' claim in the Rajya Sabha did not go down with her party. Taking prompt action, the AIADMK announced that she was expelled for 'bringing a bad name' to the party.

According to reports, Sasikala had visited AIADMK chief J. Jayalalithaa's residence before the session commenced. "In Tamil Nadu, I have no safety... I need protection," Sasikala said, but other AIADMK members protested.

She found support from other opposition leaders, who said every member has the right to raise issues concerning her/his safety.

Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien asked her to write to the Chairman about the issue. He also assured other AIADMK members that reference to any person who cannot defend themselves in the House will be deleted. Other opposition members, however, pointed out that Sasikala did not name anyone.

Sasikala is said to be close to Jayalalithaa. Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu also responded to the issue and said: "This discussion is not going to add to the glory of House."

"A member committed a mistake in treating another member, she has apologised. For two days, the image of Parliament was on stake. I will not raise the issue because she has expressed regrets. That should put an end to the issue. The best way is writing to the Chairman," Naidu said.