Amber Heard turns up late for divorce hearing, keeps Johnny Depp waiting

Just when the scandal involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp surfaced, Heard's late arrival in court has evoked curiosity in the media.

The news first broke out in May, when the 30-year old Amber Heard filed a divorce from her famous actor-husband¬†Johnny Depp. A restraining order followed the divorce filing, soon after. ¬†Amber has been accusing Johnny Depp of being abusive to her. While the family and friends of Amber Heard said they have witnessed Johnny Depp’s abusive behaviour towards Amber, some say that she is faking her claim to “secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse”, as Johnny Depp’s lawyer has claimed.


While the hearing on the divorce case and restraining orders on Johnny Depp, has been scheduled for today morning 10 am, Amber Heard was spotted entering, attorney Blair Berk’s Office in the West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 15.32.28

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 15.32.28

Amber arrived one and a half hours later, at 11:30 am to the hearing. She had to answer questions about Depp’s abusive behaviour. She used a private door to avoid paparazzi. However, whatever photos were clicked in the spur of the moment showed her arriving with a bed-hair look. Her appearance was rather shabby with untidy greasy hair, unbuttoned shirt sleeves and a slouchy posture. Heard was wearing tortoiseshell sunglasses to avoid any sort of contact with the media.

Her late arrival doesn’t seem to match the seriousness with which she had publicly complained about Depp physically abusing her. There have been claims that the violence subtly began with kicks, shoves and occasional punches. This was followed by an incident in December where he hit her with ‘full force’ to the point that her lips swelled up and she bled into her pillow. Around May Heard testified that Johnny threw a phone at her with full blow.


She had sent pictures of her bruised face and also some of the photos of her house with shattered glasses of a broken champagne bottle in the floor, along with her restraining order. On the other hand, many, including Johnny Depp’s ex wife Alison, find it hard to believe that Depp could be physically abusive.