America's Got Talent: Stunt Goes Wrong, contestent Stuck by A Fire Flame

America's Got Talent turned deadly on Tuesday.


Live episode of 'America's got Talent' on Tuesday turned out to be deadly as it included a terrifying stunt in which a flaming arrow missed its mark.

Ryan Stock was struck in the neck by a flaming arrow that was shot by his fiancée AmberLynn Walker. Rayan Stock a daredevil was about to make the audience speechless with a stunt that involved a target which was placed inside his mouth (and down his throat). AmberLynn Walker was asked to shoot a flaming arrow at an approximately eight - inch target, but missed the mark by hitting his neck.

Stock was seen swallowing a long rod which had a small target at the end of it. Amberlynn took to aim using a crossbow and a flaming arrow, She fired at the target but missed it. It didn't look like he was badly hurt, the struck just enough of his collared shirt.

The mishap, left judges Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell in shock. Howie said, “I hate that I saw what can happen. You need to see an EMT.”

Mel B added, “I don’t like what you do but I can appreciate the danger. I am sorry, but I still give you credit for coming on this show.”

Heidi said that it really scared her and Simon stopped them all saying, “We shouldn’t be judging this act. He needs to get to a doctor.”

Eventually Stock assured every one “I’m OK. It got my shirt. I’m OK.”

He later tweeted

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