Apple is setting up a huge new office in this city

Rumor has it that in a bid to expand, Apple is looking for vast expanses of office space in this American city.

Apple is setting up a huge new office in this city

Although it is not clear why Apple chose this American city and what its plans are for the future, but the iPhone manufacturer is rumored to be looking for a large space to open a new office in this American city. Reports have suggested that a “large California company” is in talks with real estate industry in Seattle for a big piece of office space. Rumor has it that this "large California company" is none other than Apple.

Apple may be seeking hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space, accommodating up to 2,300 workers and the sites identified as interesting to the unnamed California company are the Centre 425 building, the 929 Office Tower, and the Lincoln Square expansion tower, all under construction, GeekWire reported.

Apple just last week spent $200 million to acquire Seattle startup Turi, a machine learning company. Last year Apple leased one floor and part of another at the Two Union Square office tower in downtown Seattle after Apple purchased cloud computing company Union Bay Networks in 2014.

The report by GeekWire said: If a deal in downtown Bellevue were to go through, it would be a big shot in the arm for an area that was looking at some sizable office vacancy over the next few years. In addition to the office buildings set to open soon, Expedia is leaving downtown Bellevue for Seattle in 2019. But the Valve and Salesforce deals, combined with a possible Apple move, would show that there are plenty of companies ready to step up to fill the void.

Apart from this, Apple's is building a new office in Silicon Valley, which will be its headquarters, and drone videos have shown that it is nearing completion. This new office is said to house 12,000 people just in the main building after the completion of Phase 1. Phase 2 will add additional workspace, as well as a small data center.