Apple could launch 3 iPhone 7 models including iPhone 7 Pro on September 9

A video purportedly shows that Apple is planning to offer three variants of the iPhone 7 next month to keep user interests intact in the offering. Also, it has been revealed that Apple iPhone 7 launch would be on September 9.

Apple could launch 3 iPhone 7 models including iPhone 7 Pro on September 9

News coming in suggests that Apple iPhone 7 launch would be on September 9 but this is not the exciting part. What has gripped users' attention is the fact a video has surfaced which purportedly shows a third iPhone 7 model. Apple is said to be launching iPhone 7 Pro along with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

The video of the supposed iPhone 7 range is below, you may check it. Let's move on to more details.

The video adds weight behind the rumor which stated that Apple is planning to unveil two different versions of the larger 5.5-inch smartphone apart from the iPhone 7. The video shows one of the bigger 5.5-inch handsets in the video with a single-lens camera, while the other has a dual-lens primary camera on the back.

This very model is said to be the iPhone 7 Pro. There have been a lot of rumors about this third model of the iPhone 7 range with an image of the smartphone which has surfaced last month, which we had shared with you.

The authenticity of the video cannot be verified and the handsets could well be mockups. However, Apple would need an ace up it sleeve to revive interest in its next offering as the market has not shown the kind of enthusiasm usually related to an iPhone launch.

Ever since speculation about the third iPhone 7 model broke out, talks about the device are surging. Reportedly, the iPhone 7 Pro will offer more storage, better battery back up as compared to the other two. If rumors are to be believed, reports are now claiming that it will ship with Bluetooth headphones.

Also, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 could get optical image stabilization, a feature that was previously available only on the larger 5.5-inch iPhone models.

Tim Cook is expected to launch the new iPhone 7 range on September 9 and the product is said to be hitting stores on September 16. The new iPhone will be available for pre-orders starting on September 9, Forbes has reported.