Ariana Grande and Mac Miller in a relationship?

As intimate pictures of Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have surfaced, fans are wondering if the famous singers are in a relationship

There have been murmurs about the singer of Dangerous Woman Ariana Grande and Mac Miller in a relationship?Ariana Grande and Mac Miller in a relationship?, Ariana Grande and singer of Dang!, Mac Miller, showing feelings for each other, as the two have been spending a lot of time together. Many photos have been out, featuring the duo. Seems like the two are getting comfortable around each other.



Ariana and Miller met in 2013 while they were working together in their collaborative piece of art The Way. In the music video the love birds had shared a kiss which left their fans wondering if there was something brewing between them. The situation was all the more confusing since, at the time of their venture for producing the song, Ariana had been in a relationship with Jai Brooks, who is a YouTuber and a comedian. Mac Miller took it upon himself to shut down the rumours while they were working together, saying that Ariana is “just a homey”.


But, Ariana Grande, 23 years old and the tattooed beast Mac Miller, 24 years old, were recently spotted kissing, again, at a romantic sushi date. TMZ caught them red handed. They have also been frequently posting many pictures with each other on social media.


#IntoYou Remix.

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A close friend of the “new couple” has admitted to E! News that “Ariana and Mac are hanging out”. The source also added “They like each other, but Ariana just got out of a relationship so no titles are being thrown around yet between the two.” and “They are just seeing where things go now and getting to know each other”.


Even though, these young hearts who are in love have not announced anything official yet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if a few days or weeks or months down the lane we get the news about their decision of putting a tag on this “more than friends” relationship.