Baloch activists raise Indian flag in Germany, shout anti-Pakistan slogans

The protesters shouted anti-Pakistan slogans- 'we want freedom', 'free Balochistan zindabad' and 'go ahead Modi'.
Baloch activists raise Indian flag in Germany

With in weeks after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaching out to the Balochistan people, Balochi protesters raised Indian flag in Germany on Saturday. The protesters shouted anti-Pakistan slogans- ‘we want freedom’, ‘free Balochistan zindabad’ and ‘go ahead Modi’, according to media reports.

“Our protest is for the people of Balochistan and for the human rights violation happening in Pakistan by the Pakistani state,” said a Balochi activist.

Thanking Narendra Modi for raising the issue on international stage, slain Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti’s grandson, Brahumdagh Bugti, thanked the support from India and its citizens.

Speaking from Switzerland, he told NDTV “We are very thankful to the Prime Minister of India for raising the voice for Balochistan , for the voiceless people in the region”. “We are also thankful to the Baloch nation, Bangladesh and Afghanistan for supporting the Indian Prime Minister’s statement regarding violation in Balochistan.”

Bagti alleged Pakistan army is involved in human rights violations in his region. “Pak forces are engaged in tsunami of human rights violations. We do not want to live with Pakistan any more,” he told an Indian channel.

“Our aim is to highlight the ongoing army operation in Balochistan and the human rights abuses. We request all human rights organisations , European Union, United Nations , USA, Canada, Australia to raise their voices for Balochistan and the Baloch people,” said Bagti.

PM Modi, during his Independence Day speech on August 15, addressed the issue of  people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Gilgit and Balochistan, adding that they congratulated him for taking up their issues.

“The Prime Minister had been thanked by these people for flagging their cause in the all-party meeting which represents all political segments in India. Prime Minister was sufficiently moved by these messages of gratitude to share it with the people of India in his Independence Day address, said a statement from Indian External Affairs Ministry.