Beware of spam mail showing video of Hillary Clinton taking money from IS

A spam email is being used to spread a malware by promising to show a non-existent video grab of Hillary Clinton, with IS leaders.
Hillary Clinton

A spam Email is being used to spread a malware by promising to show a non-existent video grab of Hillary Clinton exchanging money with a leader of the outlawed Islamic State (IS) outfit. The email’s subject reads as “Clinton Deal IS Leader caught on Video”.

It reads as “Hillary Clinton caught on video exchanging money with Isis leader in the year 2013. After watching the video clip you can then decide on who to vote. Sentiment is not enough to choose how to vote. Let’s save America Group. #letssaveUSA”.

However, once you click on the links provided in the mail, you will not receive any video. But the mail has the deadly Adwind cross-platform remote access Trojan, according to a recent alert by global cyber security leader Symantec today.

“World news and events are a preferential topic for general spam and in some phishing scams,” according to Satnam Narang, security expert with the Symantec, adding that however “This was the first time this election season that we observed a malicious spam campaign including one of the U.S. presidential candidates, ” he told a major financial website in the United Kingdom.

“We advise everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious emails that may use either presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, as bait,” Satnam cautioned internet users. He added, “When seeking news related to the US elections only visit trusted news websites and avoid opening unsolicited emails.”

According to security experts, the virus can seriously affect  Windows, Mac, Android and Linux OS. The criminals could access your valuable documents using look holes, said experts.

If the attached malware to the email gets executed, the recipient is infected with a Java remote access Trojan (RAT) that Symantec detects as Backdoor.Adwind, reported IANS.

It can lead to dropping a Visual Basic Script (VBS) file in the network, leading to malware access to decide which antivirus and firewall software is running on the compromised computer.