Billy Bob Thornton Shuts Down Claims of Affair With Amber Heard Made By Johnny Depp

Billy Bob Thornton has denied Johnny Depp's accusations about having an affair with Amber Heard. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

Billy Bob Thornton Shuts Down Claims of Affair With Amber Heard Made By Johnny Depp

The issue of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's case of divorce and domestic violence has been taking turns, since the very start. Initially, there were those who sided with her and those who sided with Depp. Then came a time when Amber's pictures of a bruised face was revealed. For a while there was no news of the two or their case, until Amber was late for their hearing, a few weeks back.

The past evidences and allegations were followed by a recent series of graphic videos and images that went viral on social media and thought online media portals in no time.

Recently, there was a video that leaked, which showed Johnny Depp yelling, drinking and breaking things in their kitchen while accusing Amber of cheating on him. When Johnny found the phone which was recording the video, he threw it in the bin.


Well, there has been a new update since.



In her court filing against the actor of Pirates of The Caribbean, the 30-year-old Amber had added that Johnny Depp was drunk and "high on ecstasy" during their trip in Australia where he was shooting for Pirates of The Caribbean:Dead Men Tell No Tales , while he accused her of having an affair with her former co-star Billy Bob Thornton. As he accused her of cheating on him, he also slit the middle finger of his right hand. He used the blood and paint to write "Billy Bob" and "Easy Amber" on one of the mirrors in their house.


She had also mentioned that Johnny did not bother to treat his wound for over 24 hours and the injury had become serious enough for his to put the shoot at halt for four weeks as he flew to LA to get it operated. The doctors had to use a part of skin from his hands in order to cure the cut.


The 61-year-old, Billy Bob Thornton and Amber Heard had been shooting together for their upcoming movie, London Fields. Billy opened up to the media and said that there was no affair between the two. He confirms that it was "Johnny's fantasy." as he tried to console his wife of the recent allegations made about him and Amber Heard.


Billy has also added that he and Amber did not communicate off-screen and the only event they attended together was the cast dinner, pointing towards the fact that they weren't even friend. He also mentioned that he and Johnny never spoke, either.

Thornton was previously married to Angelina Jolie, soon after their divorce he got into a relationship with his, now, wife, Connie Anglan. He and Angelina got into a relationship while he was engaged to Laura Dern. Given his past history, there is doubt about his denial of an affair with Amber.