Bollywood actor Ali Fazal to act with Judi Dench in 'Victoria & Abdul'

Bollywood heartthrob Ali Fazal will be seen along with Judi Dench in his next Hollywood movie 'Victoria & Abdul'.

Bollywood actor Ali Fazal to act with Judi Dench in

Bollywood actor Ali Fazal bagged the lead role for the film, 'Victoria & Abdul'. He was earlier seen in Paul Walker- Vin Diesel starrer Furious 7 and now will be the male lead opposite the Academy Award winning-actress Judi Dench.

The film is based on the true story of friendship between Queen Victoria and a young clerk from India, Abdul.
It is inspired from Shrabani Basu’s book ‘Victoria and Abdul: The True Story of the Queen’s Closest Confidant.’


Ali says about his Hollywood film “I can’t wait to take on Judi. She is the cherry on this wonderful pudding. The most loved woman of Britain and probably entire world. It was a process of endless auditions and readings and conversations and today I am so glad that they grilled fully into it to a point of no return. I am ecstatic and I guess it hasn’t really sunk in. So I will take a bow when I finish my work on the film. The fun has just begun. It doesn’t get better. I have known about this beautiful story for ages and never thought I would be destined to play out this character. Frears is one of my all-time favourite directors.”

While talking about his role, he told DNA newspaper that "I think they liked my hold on Hindi, English and Urdu. I'm growing a beard for this movie. Hence, I'm looking like a homeless guy while promoting my upcoming film Happy Bhag Jayegi. I'll leave for London after it releases."

Ali is looking forward to act with Judi, "I'm living my dream. Abdul is a guy from Agra who goes to London and is thrown into a fancy place all of a sudden. That's just what happened to me. Stephen liked my audition and I did reading sessions with Judi Dench.

‘Victoria and Abdul' is being produced by Working Title Films and distributed worldwide by Focus Entertainment which is a division of NBC Universal. The movie is be directed by Stephen Frears.