Bollywood: Tisca Chopra narrates her horrible Encounter With Casting Couch

Here's how actress Tisca Chopra wiggled out of a casting couch situation. Watch her narrating her hilarious experience.

Bollywood: Tisca Chopra narrates her horrible Encounter With Casting Couch

The issue of casting couch has so deeply been embedded into the Bollywood industry that there is no way that people can be convinced otherwise. One doesn’t get surprised anymore by the news of actresses and actors having to go through horrendous experiences of casting couch. Many fight it, yet, most of the artists who wish to make it big into the industry suffer the fate but only a handful, actually, make it.

When the Delhi based actress from the movie Tare Zameen Par, Tisca Chopra, was faced with the situation of casting couch she didn’t give in and neither did she aggressively revolt. This principal’s daughter wiggled her way out of the situation in a rather comical manner. And it was a well-planned escape scheme.

After a long waiting when she got a call for a roll she was as excited as she could be. After she broke the news to her friends about landing the role, they warned her about the character and ‘activities’ of the producer who appointed her in the movie. In a hilarious manner she portrayed the situation as “Murthy’s Law” that no one acknowledges. Her theory is that people will start talking about the things that you were unaware of but you didn’t want to be informed of, because of the fear they bought with them. That time, she listened to a lot of casting couch experiences coming straight from her friends. But nothing deterred her decision of taking up the role, nonetheless.

However, she did contemplate what she should do about it. Her thoughts went ahead toward confronting the director, who she referred to as RT for short of reptile. She also thought of befriending ‘RT’s’ wife or speaking with his son who was working as a crew in the film.

When the day arrived and she was called to ‘RT’s’ room to ‘discuss the script’ she wittily had all of her incoming calls transferred to his room. The first call she received was from the director’s son asking her to join the crew for an evening out, a plan that had been set during the day. She later received a call from the make-up artist, who too was trying to escape a similar casting couch experience, from the actor. Those calls were followed by a few more, and they were enough for the director to lose his interest in ‘discussing the script’.