Beware! Charcoal grills, BBQ, kebabs increase cancer risk

Grills, over-fried foods and sizzlers can cause cancer and destroy your life. Read to know more what kind of burnt food can lead to cancer...

Beware! Charcoal grills, BBQ, kebabs increase cancer risk


Crunchy toast, burnt roast potatoes, kebabs over fried, burger patties burnt, coffee, biscuits, crackers etc.  As tasty few of the foods might sound, it can be very harmful to your health as cancer causing toxin, acrylamide, is primarily present in these foods.

Carcinogen is formed by the reaction of amino acids, sugar and water found in potatoes and bread when these are fried or roasted at temperatures above 120° C. These roast potatoes and chips, especially the ones that are darkest in colour and crispiest in appearance, contain the highest levels of acrylamide.


The food we eat increases the risk of developing cancer of different varieties. High-energy and high-fat diets will lead to obesity and eventually increase the risk of cancers.

Depending on the nature of cooking, some compounds are formed, some of which are carcinogens. Carcinogens are the chemicals that damage DNA in the cells of our body while consuming burnt food.


The carcinogen depends on the food and how burnt the food is.  Hypothetically, the more burnt food you consume, the higher will be the risk.

But you must know that, acrylamide is not found in boiled foods, Researchers found a high concentration of this cancer causing toxin in breakfast such as cereals and black olives.

They also warned against the dangerous effect that acrylamide can have on the nervous system, pre- and post-natal development, bowel, bladder, kidney and male fertility. The amount of acrylamide in your food increases due to higher cooking temperatures and longer cooking times.


Even though we love the smell, sight and taste of sizzling chicken or charcoal grills and kebabs, we must remember the fact that these charred meat can cost us our health. Bowel cancer cases in many countries are associated mainly by consuming too much red meat and processed meat that contains char.