Congress embraces Gau Mata: What does recent Congress-RSS bonhomie suggest....

With the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2017 imminent, Congress is looking at RSS to get its caste arithmetic correct as things have not been hunky dory between the Sangh and BJP in the recent past.

Congress embraces Gau Mata: What does recent Congress-RSS bonhomie suggest....

While the BJP-led NDA is getting divided on the issue of "gau mata," there seem to be others looking to take advantage of the situation. With an eye on the 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the Congress party, without doubt, is captalising on the divide within the NDA government. The Sonia Gandhi led party has overnight turned into a bunch of “cow lovers” and “gau rakshaks”, in an apparent attempt to secure upper-caste Hindu votes in the state, by appeasing RSS.

The RSS, on the other hand, after getting offended by PM Narendra Modi’s statement during the Town Hall event where he termed 80 percent of the “gau rakshaks” as “anti-social elements,” is all set to be, in an unprecedented move, generous towards the Congress.

The recent “invisible” developments between the two clearly indicate development of bonhomie between RSS and Congress.

Today, in quite an unexpected move, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has denied his earlier statement blaming the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

The sudden change in the Gandhi scion's opinion, who earlier ascertained that he will never pull back his statement, even after the Supreme Court warned him either to express regret or face trial, is seen as the part of Congress party’s tactful stratagem for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly election in 2017.

The change in Congress’ stand on cow protection is also nothing else but this. It seems the party is keen on making the best use of vulnerabilities in the opposite camp, where top Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pravin Togadia and RSS spokesperson Mohan Vaidya came up against Modi’s statement about the self-styled cow vigilantes in Town Hall event.

While Togadia demanded PM to withdraw his comments on cow protectors, general secretary of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi said that Modi should not have generalized all those indulged in the “sacred task,” just because of a handful of people who resort to violence.

The party which is all set to enter the fray of UP elections with a Brahmin face like Sheila Dikshit  as a CM candidate , is leaving no stone unturned  to get the caste equations right in the poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, the outcome of which will have crucial effect on the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls.

Eventually, this fresh move of the Congress vice president to appease RSS, thus upper caste Hindus, clearly underlines that the party is in dire need of upper caste Hindu votes in UP, where the party is losing its ground as history has shown.

Why Upper caste votes?

The Muslims and OBC in the state have lost their faith in Samajwadi Party, while Dalits are unlikely to trust Mayawati again. In the meantime, BJP is busy garnering support of the upper caste Hindus and appeasing backward classes as well. Interestingly, Congress is nowhere in the picture.

The party which had a huge vote bank from the Brahmin community in the state, lost it to the BJP after it cast multiple candidates from the community.

This time, Congress has clearly understood that the only possible way to regain the upper caste votes in UP is through RSS which has a strong hold in the community.

It is assumed that the Congress party, ahead of the elections, has reached to some sort of an understanding with RSS which is disappointed with the BJP.

The new revelation of Rahul in favour of RSS should be read through this prism.

If one closely watches the recent developments between RSS and Congress, one can undoubtedly say that the Congress had crossed all limits in supporting the latter’s ideology.

Last March, the opposition party in Gujarat State Assembly, had aggressively came up to give “Rashtra Mata” status for cow in the state. One should remember that this call from Congress came in while the ruling BJP did not give any commitment.

One does not need a sixth sense to figure out that the Congress’ recent affection for cow was nothing but a mere attempt to get the attention of RSS which is being constantly backstabbed by the BJP, Narendra Modi in particular.

This is not only the story of Gujarat.

The Congress has played a major role in almost all states in the country in battling for granting “Rashtra Mata” status for cow. And in these attempts, it was generously supported by RSS.

On the other side, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh which truly believe that it is being sidelined by the main ally of NDA, BJP, has been in search for a proxy to attack BJP.

It was brutally attacked by the BJP top brass after Bihar election where it showed a miserable performance. The very first response of BJP leaders after the failure was it lost just because of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statement on September 21 seeking a review of caste reservations.

That time, there had been many of the opinion that Mohan Bhagwat came up with such a statement just before the Bihar election, aiming at hitting its ally for turning a blind eye to its demands for a long time.

Before and after it,  all has not been well between the two parties and the situation continues till date.

Expectedly, the traditional rival of the BJP, Congress made the best use of it by reaching out to RSS with all ideological assistance.

This being the case, there is nothing surprising in the sudden change in the Congress vice president’s take on RSS and Gandhi assassination.

By pulling back the statement, the case against the Congress leader may be dropped.

Earlier , Rajesh Kunte, secretary of Bhiwandi unit of RSS, who filed a case against Rahul for alleged defamatory comments made against the organization during an election rally in 2014, had offered to withdraw the case, if the Congress leader was ready to absolve RSS of the assassination.

"Rahul never blamed the RSS but blamed a person associated with the RSS," the court said it inferred from Rahul's affdavit.

The final verdict in the case is expected to be out, in the next hearing which is scheduled for September 1.

Though Rahul retracted his statement for his political interests, the facts remain unchanged.

"RSS people killed Gandhiji and today their people (BJP) talk of him...They opposed Sardar Patel who was a Congress member and Gandhiji," this is what he said during a Thane rally in March 2014.

Let’s wait and watch what else Congress and Rahul have up their sleeve before UP election 2017.