Conserve electricity: Here are some tips through which one can save power

As a common man you too can do your bit in conserving electricity. Here we give you certain tips. Read on�.

Conserve electricity: Here are some tips through which one can save power

Electricity, we all know is in limited supply. Since it is a non-renewable resource, it’s high time we started using it more judiciously. As a common man you too can do your bit in conserving electricity. Here we give you certain tips. Read on….

Use sun control films
Sun Control Films help insulate our homes, offices and other spaces from heating-up due to solar radiation especially due to ultra violet (UV) exposure. Such measures not only save substantial power needs for air conditioning but also protect us the ill-effects of UV rays. Air conditioning can account for 30-50 per cent of a company's/ household’s annual energy costs. Solar window film typically delivers 5-10 per cent energy saving. Sun control reflective films can reject up to 80 per cent heat

Painting the roofs white or installing white tiles on commercial and residential roofing can cut air conditioning costs by 20 per cent. Experts say that white roofing done on 1,000-sq feet area would offset 10 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

Switch off
Avoid keeping electronic appliances in the stand-by mode since your electricity meter records such consumption. According to a survey, Delhi loses about 175 MW or 25 % of the electricity annually to the gadgets switched off from the remote control (kept in stand-by mode).

Lighting System
Use light-coloured, loose weave curtains on your window to allow day light to penetrate the room so that you switch on the lights less during the day. About 90 per cent of the energy consumed by ordinary bulb is given off as heat rather than visible light. It is advisable to use LED lighting since it is eight times more energy efficient than incandescent bulb and twice as much energy efficient than CFLs. Further, clean tube lights and bulbs regularly as dust on them absorbs up to 50 per cent of the light.

Room ACs
Keep green plants wherever you can, near windows and walls to naturally cool the rooms. Studies have shown that doing such a thing can help reduce energy consumption by as much as 40 per cent.

Be careful when using air conditioners as air-conditioners cost over Rs 10 per hour to run. Set the AC thermostat at 25 degree C to provide the most comfort at the least cost. Keep the doors of the air-conditioned room closed as far as possible. Clean the AC filter every month.

Make sure that the refrigerator is placed away from any heat source, including direct sunlight. Allow enough space around the refrigerator for continuous airflow. If the heat cannot escape, the cooling system will have to work harder and use more energy.
Defrost the freezer compartment regularly for a manual defrost refrigerator. Do not keep your refrigerator door open for too long. Also periodically check the condition of the door gasket.

One can save 50 per cent on cooking energy costs by using a microwave oven instead of a regular oven. When using microwave, soak vegetables in hot-water before cooking as it will reduce the cooking time. Always place larger and thicker items towards the outside edge as cooking in microwaves happen from the outer edge to the center of the dish.

Turn off the computer when not in use. The monitor uses more than half of the energy consumed. Turn it off even if you have to leave the computer on. Screen savers do not save energy. Start ups and shutdowns do not use any extra energy and nor do they harm the components, so shutting down computers when not in use actually reduces system wear and tear and also saves energy.