Don't miss out these most realistic, everyday use cases for an Apple Watch

Some basic killer use cases = doing some of the simple things you do repeatedly with your iPhone, where it's irritating to have to reach into your pocket, take out your iPhone (which is obvious and rude), punch in your security code, and search for the right app.


A mobile wallet.
NFC allows the iWatch to be a contactless payment system, this is not groundbreaking, but add in the Touch ID as a security level, and the device becomes something that could allow you to pay for items of significant value. Contactless payment is huge in Europe and waiting to explode in the USA. NFC on the iWatch would be the industry trigger needed to get widespread adoption of this payment mechanism.

All payment information  would sycn to your iPhone allowing you to keep track of money and expediture like a true digital wallet.

Travel Tickets/ Security Passes/Coupons
Again aided by Touch ID, the iWatch becomes your ticket to sporting events, airplanes, public transport and your office building.  It could be a way to receive and redeem mobile coupons for money off. A true connected home could allow your watch to open your house and car doors, set presets in your vehicle and turn on heating and lighting to chosen settings.

Activity/ Health Tracker.
Your iWatch will monitor your sleep levels, your heart rate, your location, your steps, and a vast number of data points that can come together to record your activity and wellness. Your iWatch will beam information to fitbit style dashboards and could be used to inform doctors of your health, or simply have a dashboard to show sleep patterns and wellness.

Immersive apps.
Such powerful data can feed any number of apps. Knowing what app developers can do with limited information with the iPhone like a compass, knowing your heart rate, sleeping patterns, your location, your diary, look for apps to become richer than ever. You may have apps to send you to sleep, to play music that reflects your mood, to send you special offers to your iWatch to redeem coupons at certain locations. It could turn off your iPhones wifi when you are moving around. The list of whats is possible is endless.

Better mobile advertising
And with this unbelievably rich data source, ads to mobile devices could soon become super targeted. You may receive location based offers based on apps you have, your location, your diary, the temperature, your search history and more.

GPS and Personal Assistance
The iWatch will  be your default screen for most simple needs. Need turn by turn directions or the next train time, just glance at your watch. The iWatch would have predictive technology much like Google Glass. It shows you things it thinks you may want to know, it won't alert you, but walking past a store it may show you things you may want from inside, but only a nudge. It may show you the person you seem to be near to's name if you are connected. It will be a continual ambient layer of information should you need it.

And yes, rather dull but your iWatch will become your primary place to see whats happening and not your phone.A typical smartphone is turned on 130 times a day, your wrist will become " first line support" for your digital life. You won't be writing on it, but quick glances will be the new elevator waiting behavior as you glance updates, your diary, any messages and heck, even the time!

Answer phone calls: Okay, this may seem weird  actually you can simply use this method.  Your watch will buzz and either You will be away from my phone (within reasonable distance with bluetooth) .  Then you can quickly take the call and then switch it over to  phone once when  retrieve it.  It is kind of weird because the call is on speaker, but it serves its purpose.

  • Voice Memo: You can record up to 5 minutes of voice memo if you need to

  • Music control:  If you  still use  iPod Nano for music, so this isn't relevant to you

  • Find your device:  Selecting this will make your phone ring and buzz loudly.

  • TV Control: Okay, this is hilarious and apt, because Samsung is also one of the top producers of TVs.

  • Messages - Being able to see new messages as they come in without having to pull out a phone? Simple and useful.

  • Calendar - See upcoming appointments, even navigate the month calendar with a bottom swipe-picker to find free time in the future.

  • Photos - Browsing albums. Probably no camera. (Dick Tracy will be crushed.)

  • Maps - Current location on a pinch-zoomable mini-map. Walking directions.

  • Weather - At a glance. Weather has always felt like it was designed for the small screen.

  • Stocks - See weather. Charts, scrolling portfolio list. Done.

  • Reminders - Shopping and to-do lists are particularly useful on the wrist when your hands are busy, and geofencing makes it even better.

  • Clock - Well, yeah. With timers, alarms, and stopwatches of course.

  • Passbook - This is where it starts to get really interesting. Passbook's utility is growing now that you can use it in place of tickets at many movie theaters, instead of your wallet at Starbucks and instead of your boarding passes on many airlines. This would be even easier (and yes, cooler) if you just had to flash your wrist at the reader instead of fishing out your phone.