Dubai Motorist Parks His Car on Top of Another Car

A Dubai based resident returned with a pizza to find his car crushed under another car

Dubai Motorist Parks His Car on Top of Another Car

Dubai is famous for the glamorous lifestyle it has to offer and the unique cars that catch one’s eye for all too long. Cars and lavish properties aside, here’s what you don’t see everyday, a car stacked on top of another car, in the parking lot.

On 1 August 2016, Monday, after work the owner of the crushed car had gone to collect and pay for his order at Pizza Hut in Arabian Ranches, at 6:30pm. When he returned after two minutes, he found his Infinite crushed under a 4x4 Volkswagen.

Apparently, the Pakistani driver of Volkswagen had parked his car on the other side of the parking lot, opposite to the infinite. However, in the efforts of trying to bring to car to a halt, he accelerated by mistake, instead of pressing the breaks. On his way towards the other side of the parking lot, he ran over a pole, which served as a ramp for the car to accelerate on top of another car.

The driver of the crushed car had also uploaded a picture of the accident on his social media account. He had to wait for the police to prepare a full report of the accident. The police had also admitted that they had never seen such an accident before.

He told one of the local newspapers “I thought I was imagining it until I came closer,” said the man. “I was speechless. There were people all around it looking at me as I approached with my pizza in my hand… I looked ridiculously funny.”

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The smashed car faced all the more damage in the efforts of removing the car, which was on top. Both the cars have been heavily damaged in this absurd accident. Fortunately, there was no harm done to human life and owners of both the cars have an insurance policy that will take care of the damages caused to the two cars.