Ed Townsend Family Sue Ed Sheeran for Copying 'Let's Get It On' by Marvin Gaye

In a lawsuit filed against Ed Shreean it has been alleged that he has plagiarised Marvin Gaye's song 'Let's Get It On' ...

Ed Townsend Family Sue Ed Sheeran for Copying

The heart throb of young hearts and old has been a hit since the release of his very first song. There is no doubt about the fact that his melodious voice and skills at playing the strings has put him recognised globally.

Over the years he has managed to bag Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Teen Choice Award, Brit Awards, People's Choice Awards and more. His achievements stand testament to the fact that he is, without a doubt, a amazing singer and musician.

The singer of A Team has now gotten himself in a bit of a trouble. The family of Ed Townsend, who had co-compsed the song along with Gaye, has filed a law suite against Ed Sheehan. The complain has been filed in the federal court at the Southern District of New York.

According to the law suit, Ed Sheeran has allegedly copied Marvin Gavey's hit from 1973 
Let's Get It On.
They claim that the music of Ed Sheeran's 2014, world-wide, chart busting single, Thinking Out Loud is similar to Marvin's old classic.

The track Thinking Out Loud was one of the first songs to maintain its position in UK's Top 20 for a whole year. It has also been streamed on YouTube, over 1 billion times. This was the song that won Sheeran his Grammy.

Ed Townsend's family is not the only one who thinks so. The former boy0band, Boyz II Men has also given out a similar statement. They said that while they were covering Marvin Gaye's 
Lets Get It On 
for their 25th anniversary at a concert in New Jersey, they other transitioned into singing Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. 

This is not the first time that Ed had been accused of copying a song. Songwriters Martin Harrington and Tom Leonard had sued Ed Sheehan for taking ideas for his recent hit
from Matt Cardle's Amazing, which the two had written. They had filed a lawsuit domain jury trial, royalties and excess damages covered for by receiving $20 million.

Here are both the tracks, have a listen to them and see if those allegations seem true.