Eminem Surprises the Crowd at Drake's Concert in Detroit

All the hype about the issues between Drake and Eminem, finally, make sense now, as the two perform on stage together

Eminem Surprises the Crowd at Drake

Since the past week the internet had been warning Drake to not challenge the "Rap God" Eminem. There were rumours that the two had issues between them and that by considering himself better than Eminem, Drake was inviting trouble. This was because the people are well aware of the power and image that Eminem has in the music industry and can very well diminish Drake's name from the records of Rappers.


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To everybody's surprise, all the talks about the feud between these renowned rappers came to and end and, finally, made sense when Eminem walked on to the stage in Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, during Drake's concert. Needless to say that the crowd went wild at the sight of the two performing together.

Drake had dropped hints in some of his interviews before the concert. He told the local press at Detroit that this show was going be special.  He also asked his fans "Do you think we’ll be able to look back and say, ‘Do you remember that one night in Detroit?'”  well, now we know what he really meant.


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It took a while for people to realise what had happened when Eminem started to rap Drake's Forever. Eminem encouraged the audience to cheer for Drake as he signalled towards making some noise. On the other hand, drake returned the gesture by saying "Make some noise for the greatest rapper to ever get on a microphone" as he bowed down to the singer of Superman. 

At the end of the performance Drake took the opportunity to praise Eminem all over as he said "Detoit, that’s what you call a hometown hero."

Eminem, too, expressed his feelings towards his fans in Detroit as he conveyed on stage "Detroit, I love you. I'm out.".

Here is a snippet of their performance from Tuesday.

How they feel about you where ya from? #SHADY

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