Enhance your oral health while brushing in a Video selfie

Study says, selfie video improves your brushing skills.

Enhance your oral health while brushing in a Video selfie

A new study says that recording video selfies while brushing your teeth could help you learn and know on how to improve oral health care methods.

Researchers observed an increase in the accuracy of brush strokes an improvement of eight per cent in tooth-brushing skill while recording a selfie video, according to the study published that was published in the journal Indian Journal of Dental Research.

Researcher Lance T. Vernon, at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine explained that, "Video and picture selfies are increasingly used in medical fields to assess, monitor and determine the progression of diseases and effectiveness of treatment -- a new area of gathering data known as mobile health, or 'mHealth'."

Studies suggested that: "The act of recording a selfie may disrupt ingrained habits, making participants conscious of their brushing and reinforced staples of behaviour change, including the process of memory formation, association and creating new muscle memory."

Participants' brushing habits (before the study) were evaluated and rectified until they were able to demonstrate a proper brushing method. At the time of the study, they were scored on the time spent while brushing and even skill mastery, including brushing in a circular motion, obtaining 45-degree angle while brushing facial surfaces of their teeth and the right positioning of the arm.

Furthermore, researchers visualized a video-based monitoring app, that could record videos of  people brushing at home that are later reviewed by oral health professionals.

"Our study suggests that, in the future, recording these selfies can help shift some of this time investment in improving brushing to technology. Patients can then receive feedback from dental professionals," added Vernon.

So what do you think of this new technique? As the study says that it will help you improve your brushing skill and even change the routine that was not helping earlier, would you give a try?