Find out how to get rid of back pain with these simple tips

Are you looking for remedies to ease your back pain without the use of medications? Here are a few things that you can do.

Find out how to get rid of back pain with these simple tips

Normally, back pain is associated with old age. Today, however, youngsters and elders alike have started to complain about it frequently. Unhealthy lifestyle habits, the long sitting hours at our work place staring at computer screens, the heavy school bags and the overall exertion that we push our bodies to go through have led us to literally break our backs.

However, help is at hand. Here are a few tips on how to reduce or avoid getting back pain.

  1. Exercise


One of the reasons that many experience back pain is due to lack of body movement. Another reason is over-weight and obesity. Working out tackles both of these issues. Remember to stretch before you start working out. While you’re at it, try and add a few exercises to help you strengthen your core. Even while you’re at work, make sure to get some body movement at regular intervals. Taking up relaxation activities such as yoga will also help get rid of back pain and make you healthier.

  1. Sit up straight


Constant use of phones and laptops has made us develop the habit of slouching. Avoid slouching. Sit up right, with your ears aligned with your shoulders and your shoulders pinched. Having the spine aligned helps getting rid of back pain. Regularly practice this posture, several times a day. This is specially recommended to all those who sit behind the desk for long hours.

  1. Back Massage


Yes, it seems like a luxury and may seem like a waste of money, but having your back massaged once in a while, is going to give you the much-needed relief from the pain and eliminate stress at the same time.

  1. Adequate amount of rest


In case of back pain, too much rest as well as lack of rest can be an issue. Many doctors recommend their patients to move around rather than lie down. However, others may suggest the latter. You have to be the judge of that, if you’re well rested and your back still hurts then move around you must. If you’re sleep deprived, hit the bed right away. If you’re going to rest, make sure that your posture is correct. Try relaxing your spine. Either sleep on your back or on your side with a pillow between your knees, this helps to align and relax the spine.

  1. Hot and cold


Both hot and cold temperatures may help in reduction of pain. An ice pack will reduce inflation and numb the area, resulting ease of pain. A hot water bottle may relax muscles and increase the level of blood flow, resulting in elimination of pain.