Find out if Apple iPhone SE is water proof and many more..

New Apple iPhone SE comes with many stunning features and water is resistantance is just one of the feature of the iPhone

Find out if Apple iPhone SE is water proof and many more..

Like Apple did to their Phone 6s and 6s Plus, they added some water-proofing measures to the iPhone SE too. Yet they are not completely water proof.

To verify it, experts carried out a search on New Apple iPhone SE to find foam silicone seals designed to keep liquids out from internal parts, including the front camera, volume controls, and rear camera connectors.

They found that not all the parts are sealed with silicone seals, which suggests the iPhone SE is not entirely resistant to water while the Samsung Galaxy S7 is completely resistant to water.

Apple hasn't stated on any websites that the iPhone SE, or the 6s/6s Plus are resistant to water, on the other hand Samsung actively boasts water-resistance as one of the Galaxy S7's distinguishing features, which means that you should not drop your iPhone purposely into water as Apple hasn't officially declared that its completely water proof.

As Apple had added water-resistant silicon sealing in some of its latest phone (SE, 6s, 6s Plus), we might expect all future iPhones to have some water resistance.

When Apple releases new iPhone generations in every two years, the newly redesigned iPhones are packed with new features that help them stand out when compared to older models.

Apple has taken a totally new direction with the new iPhone SE. It's a combination of old and current features, and few brand new features too.

Tech site Chipworks conducted a study on the iPhone SE and then stated that "this is not your typical Apple release," and also added that "there are very few new parts."

It announced that, indeed, the iPhone SE is made up of parts from three different iPhone models, including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s. They also said that It also contains a few new parts of its own that Chipworks hasn't seen before.

From the iPhone 5s, it has adapted and borrows the overall design, as well as the touchscreen controller, and from the iPhone 6 modem and transceiver.
Majority of its parts are from iPhone 6s including A9 chip, SE has the same 12-megapixel camera as the iPhone 6s. But its front-facing FaceTime camera on the SE is not as good as the FaceTime camera on the iPhone 6s.

It costs $450 and is the cheapest iPhone Apple has made to date.