Find out the health benefits of eating tomatoes...

Top 6 reasons for eating tomatoes

Find out the health benefits of eating tomatoes...

Reduces Cholesterol

It protects the heart since lycopene that is present in tomatoes reduces lipid oxidation. Therefore, it influences a protective reaction from cardiovascular diseases. The usual intake of tomatoes has proved to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol. The lipids present here are the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases that leads to fat deposition in the blood vessels.

Skin and Hair benefits Benefits of eating tomatoes

Our skin and hair end go through lot of pollution. Including tomatoes in your diet can actually help you to fight the dust your skin goes through. The lycopene, is used for facial cleansers as well and you may also peel the tomatoes to use it as a face mask. It cleanses the pores affected and gives your skin a glow. The Vitamin A present in tomatoes safeguards your hair from damages too.


Tomatoes are the most capable source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These two components help your body to eliminate the harmful free radicals in blood. However, in order to absorb Vitamin C into the body, a tomato has to be eaten raw or you may even gulp the juice of it.

Healthy Bones Healthy bones

Tomatoes contain vitamin K that plays an important role in clotting blood and even maintaining strong bones. Research found that vitamin K deficiency is connected to a higher extensiveness of hand and knee osteoarthritis.

Fights Cancerman-eating-a-tomato-pic

Tomatoes have cancer fighting agents. Lycopene it is that decreases the possibilities of various cancers like prostate, cervical, stomach, mouth, throat, pharynx, esophagus, colon, rectal and ovarian.  The antioxidants present in this food, vitamins A and C fight of the free radicals that causes cell damage.

Reduces risk of kidney and gall bladder stones

Tomatoes work as a disinfectant to guard your body from diarrhea and help in reducing the chances of kidney stones and gall bladder stones in a long run. They also reduce the chances of (lower) urinary tract symptoms.