Food items you need to quit for a flat belly

Who doesn't want a flat tummy? But are you aware that these common food items might be stopping you from having a flat belly...

Food items you need to quit for a flat belly


Here are some food items that you should keep at bay for getting flat stomach because of their high caloric content:

Canned fruit Juices

We consume fruit juices assuming that they are very healthy. The fact is, most of the bottled/canned juice do not have fruit content but contains fruit syrups. It contains lot of sugar which will keep your stomach bloated. Do check the calories before keeping them in your basket.



These can be consumed in moderate quantity but it depends on the way you eat them. Potatoes with butter and sour cream produce lot of fats. Having potato makes you hungry also.


White flours

Be it white rice, white bread, flour.. they are just a no-no for the stomach. Instead, they would just increase your waistline. It rises up the sugar level and insulin. Due to this, the fat settles in your abdominal area.



Unfortunately, all types of alcohol contains sugar and other fat increasing agents that increase your belly fat. It has a a high caloric content. A normal beer has 150 calories. Gulping down in bottles is just giving a path to more fats in your abdominal region.



This definitely makes us sad but these meat chunks contain all the highly fatty bits that are not suitable for a person trying to lose weight. Fresh meat bought from the butcher has less fats than that of a sausage.


Carbonated drinks

It makes you gain excessive weight since it contains immense calories. Soft drinks can lead to weight gain in your stomach. This increase in weight could increase chances of obesity.


Fast Food

How much we love this sinful food! These are delicious and play a prominent role for obesity. A whole fast food meal would contain above 2000 calories.


High carb foods

French fries, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, potato chips, porridge, beans and lentils contain high carbs.  Corn syrup, yummy cheeseburgers contain the carbs that you are supposed to avoid completely. Even noodles can contribute to weight gain.