For brighter white teeth, eat these foods

Do you still cover your mouth while laughing? Let your laughs travel miles by eating these foods that will regain your confidence by giving you brighter teeth.

For brighter white teeth, eat these foods

Foods for teeth


Cottage cheese

This food reveals the calcium that blends with plaque and sticks to the teeth. It protects them from the acid that causes tooth decay and helps in constructing tooth enamel on the area.



Similar to cheese, yogurt is also rich in calcium and protein that makes a good option for strengthening and making your teeth strong. The probiotics which is beneficial bacteria are found in yogurt that serves your gums. Since the good bacteria eliminates the bacteria that cause you cavities. Add yogurt to your diet by choosing a plain one that has no added sugar.

Sugarless gum


Sugar-free gum helps in cleaning our teeth secretly by stimulating the saliva production. Saliva is a natural way of washing away the acids that are produced by bacteria present in your mouth. It also washes off the teeth and promotes bone to strengthen by calcium and phosphate. In addition, many varieties of these sugarless gums are also sweetened through xylitol. It is an alcohol that decreases bacteria. There are some flavours such as mint or fruit you would opt for. Studies revealed that the acid containing to create certain flavours could damage your teeth lightly.



Water, similar to that of saliva helps in washing sugar contents and acid off our teeth. It also contains a fluoride, which is a mineral that protects against tooth erosion. This mineral is found in toothpaste and some of the mouthwashes. Fluorides are present in water generally including bottled water too.


[caption id="attachment_307977" align="alignnone" width="300"]strawberry Strawberry[/caption]

These berries have malic acid present in the fruit. It acts as a natural teeth whitener.  You can make your own mouth wash as well. Crush a strawberry to a pulp and mix it along with baking soda. Apply it on your teeth using a mild and gentle toothbrush. After five minutes, brush it off gargle your mouth.  Floss well since the tiny strawberry seeds will get stuck in between your teeth.