'Game of Thrones' to Stage Concerts in 2017

The famous television show series 'Game of Thrones' is going to be hitting the stages next year

Based on George R.R Martin’s books, the HBO television series The Game of Thrones has become won many hearts all over the world. Its fans can’t seem to have enough of it. The next season is due to air in the summer of 2017 and the viewers have already become impatient. Here’s some good news that Variety.com com reported.

Live Nation has confirmed that the fictional drama television series The Game of Thrones

is going to take a 28- city tour in a form of a live concert. This announcement came in a form of a march through the streets of Hollywood playing the theme music of Game of Thrones. The march was hosted by Isaac Hempstead Wright (Barndon Stark) himself, he announced that the tour was to commence and introduced the composer and the man behind the idea of this tour Ramin Djawadi.

On this occasion, Djawadi expressed that the idea took root from the television show’s creator. He further went on to narrate how the idea came about “We were in the studio together reviewing some music and one of them said ‘I would love to see this live. I want to full orchestra. I want to see a choir.' So we went from there,”

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 17.46.51

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 17.46.51

It is said that features such as special stage designs and LED screens are going to enhance the experience of the audiences. The design would be in such a manner, so as to fit the choir and orchestra in a setting of flaming towers between them will be a large screen on which the visuals from
Game of Thrones
will be played while the musicians play the serene melodies from the show.

The concert is to commence in February 2017. It will first be staged in Kanas after which is will tour through 28-cities, including, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Three shows are also expected to hit the stages in Canada. Tickets for these concerts will be up for grabs on Live Nation by 13th August 2016.