Adopt Mediterranean diet for a sharper memory

MedDiet is said to increase the memory power and reduces dementia according to the researchers.

Adopt Mediterranean diet for a sharper memory

Mediterranean diet improves your mental function by minimizing the risk of Alzheimer and improves heart conditions.

The foods in the Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) mainly include plant foods like leafy greens, fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, beans, seeds, nuts, and legumes.

The MedDiet consists of low dairy products, minimal use of red meat, uses of olive oil since comparing to the vegetables, it has high source of fat.

In the journal, Frontiers in Nutrition the researchers investigated through a study on how a MedDiet may benefit on the mental health in some time.

"The most surprising result was that the positive effects were found in countries around the whole world. So, regardless of being located outside of what is considered the Mediterranean region, the positive cognitive effects of a higher adherence to a MedDiet were similar in all evaluated papers," Roy Hardman, researcher at Swineburne University had elaborated.

The MedDiet has benefits with regard to the attention, language and memory power in particular. It includes, improvements in the delay of recognition and visual build.

The MedDiet offers an occasion to change some of the changeable risk factors- reducing inflammatory responses, increase of micronutrients, improving vitamins and mineral imbalances, change of lipid profiles by using olive oils as the main source of dietary fats.

Maintaining weight and reducing obesity, improving polyphenols in the blood, improvement of cellular energy metabolism are the other benefits of following MedDiet.

The researchers also stressed that, the study in this area is important due to the expected increasing population aging over the next 20-30 years. Researchers even suggested that the use of a dietary pattern, such as the MedDiet, will be a very important tool to maintain a good quality of life and decrease the potential social and economic burdens of demonstrated cognitive elimination like dementia.