Google Introduces a Video Calling App Duo

Google has launched the video calling app, Duo, and it's here to compete with FaceTime and Skype

Google Introduces a Video Calling App Duo

Google has tapped itself into the market of video calling. It has launched Duo in Android as well as iOS. All you need to do to use this simple video calling app is download it on to your phone. It will they synchronise all the numbers on your contact list with the app and you can pursue calling whoever you wish, as long as they have downloaded the app as well. There are no accounts or complicated procedures to set up Duo and to use it.

As and when a caller requests for a video chat, his/her video will appear on the phone of the receiver. However, there are't going to be any ringtones or bells attached to the call, as people receive the video call. It is a rather simple application, which can be used solely for the purpose of video calling.

There are many down sides to this new achievement of Google. Apart from the fact that there won't be much noise to inform you that you're getting a call, the app is only available on mobile phones and no other devices. Thirdly, there are no fancy filters like the ones Skype and other video calling applications offer. Additionally, Duo does not offer conference calling. There are some core and basic features missing from this new app by Google, which make it a weak competitor of Apple's FaceTime. Apart from the fact that it is available to android users, and hence reaches a much wider consumer group.

The Vice President of Google's communication department, Nick Fox, has expressed that "by being laser-focused on mobiles, it enables us to just make sure that we were doing a great, wonderful job on that case. ... For us, we thought 'amazing on mobile, nothing on desktop' was the better approach".

Fox has also said in one of the interviews that "The logic is that (applications) will succeed if they’re solving a use case really well". Critics, on the other hand, believe that there is not much that Google has solved by launching Duo. It can not me ignored that apps such as Facebook video calling and snapchat already provide with the facilities and services that Duo has to offer. It is all the more disappointing that the app does not connect to any other google feature.