Halal Supermarket in France ordered to Sell Pork and Alcohol

A halal supermarket in France has been warned that it would be closed if it doesn't start selling pork and alcohol.

Halal Supermarket in France ordered to Sell Pork and Alcohol

Local authorities in Paris have demanded that the supermarket Good Price discount mini-mart, must sell pork and alcohol. This order has urged the owners of the store which is located in Colombes,on the Paris suburbs.

According to the authorities the supermarket is going against the stipulation that it had signed declaring itself as a "general food store". This store was a replacement for another when it bought the property on lease last year.

It is being argued that the store is not catering to the needs of all consumers since they are not serving to those who wish to buy pork and alcohol.

Jérôme Besrnard who is the Mayor's chief of the staff has highlighted in one of his interviews that "The mayor of Colombes, Nicole Goueta, went there herself and asked the owner to diversify the range of products by adding alcohol and non-halal meats,". Justifying the reason for their demand, Mr. Besranrd added "We want a social mix. We don’t want any area that is only Muslim or any area where there are no Muslims".

The controversy over the Halal shop not selling alcohol and pork came into limelight after the residents around the store started to complain about the inconvenience cause to them. Consumers expressed that they usually have to travel further just for the sake of buying the products that Good Price doesn't sell.

The authorities have also argued that by catering to a specific community in the region, the supermarket is breaching French republican values.

Mr. Soulemane Yalcin the owner of the store has a different point of view. He conveys that he was merely catering to the requirements of his costumers around the area. He justifies the decision to refraining from selling products that are considered haram by the Islamic community by saying "It’s our business".

Legal action has been taken against the supermarket and the case is expected to go on trial in October. The complaint filed in the court requests that the lease of Good Price be claimed back and that the shop shuts down.