Herbs that help beat the heat during summers

These herbs are natural coolants for the body.

Herbs that help beat the heat during summers


Chamomile    chamomile tea

Chamomile is a wonderful cooling aid that calms the anxiety and helps you to get rid of insomnia. The herb is very important if you are suffering from  due to heat. It serves as a great remedy when it comes to hair treatment or scalp that has been damaged due to sun. Chamomile is used for treating inflammation too and even act as a repellent to rashes caused by insects. It aids the scraps and cuts.


This flower is not only useful for its aromatic oils that are generally blended with soaps or perfumes but rose is also a herb that has different types of benefits as well.  While applied on skin, it has an effect that can calm you. It is also said that the oils can calm irritability due to heat. Rose can be very helpful in the treatment of menstrual cramps and relieves diarrhoea. Try using dried rose petals in your tea to make it more soothing and energizing during summers



Not only it is known for spreading fresh and cool essences but mint also helps in cooling your body. It is a beautiful herb that is commonly used as a cooling fresheners in summers. You may use the mint in various ways. It may be included in your salad or tea. Be it chutney or refreshing lemonade drink. Few on these mint leaves will always work is wonder in its flavour and is more useful when it comes to its cooling effect. There are several types of mint, but the most used ones are peppermint and spearmint. Mint does play a major role in the digestion without rising the body temperature. It gives relief to the headaches and nausea. Fatigue and depression is also eliminated.

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Gel

It is one of the best coolants that can be used during summers and all seasons. It not only has calm and soothing effect but it has lot of benefits. Aloe Vera is a natural remedy to the sunburns and are very effective. It treats fungal, viral and bacterial infections. For treating acne, itchy and dry skin you may apply Aloe Vera. It is considered as an effective herbal plant and has best cooling wonders that keeps your skin fresh, young and prevents pigmentation caused by heat.