Here is your guide to Samsung’s smartphone Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note-7 has great features but at $850, it�s overrated and overpriced

Here is your guide to Samsung’s smartphone Galaxy Note 7

Samsung’s latest smartphone, “Galaxy Note 7″ is one of the most talked about gadget in all tech sites and news. Most people described it as ' The most impressive smart phone', ' sexiest large phone ', praises go on so on and so forth.

Priced at $850, Galaxy Note-7 has great features but it’s overrated and overpriced. Overrated does not mean that it's not good, instead it signifies that it doesn't have that great features for the price that we pay for it.

It is the slimmest/sleekest 5.7-incher phone ever. And it's unique selling point (USP) when compared with other smart phones are its unique features like water resistance.

But still, at $850, price is really too high for this smart phone, and it costs more than twice as much as the OnePlus 3($400).

The phone’s quality, was widely spoken off and had been pointed by most smart phone reviews as one of its class. Note 7 is an amazing piece of hardware, still there isn’t a clear gap in quality between the Note 7 and, say for example the OnePlus 3 though it costs twice more than this.

It isn’t a level ahead of other smart phones. But is slightly better than Chinese phones that cost only half of Note 7. Now let's take a look at the hardware of the phone.

It isn't faster than other phones. It has Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM. The OnePlus 3 is faster than the Note 7 though available at twice lesser price, though it has two extra GB of RAM and operates on a much cleaner software. Note 7 fell behind the OnePlus 3 in several key areas.

Two best features of Note 7 is it's display and camera quality. DisplayMate rated the Note 7 screen as the best screen ever after running a series of in-depth tests. Even a phone that cost one third of Note 7 can take excellent day shots though it is great at low-light shots, it’s not clearly superior to the Huawei P9, or even the LG V10.

Our advice:

It is recommendable for those people who are looking for styles as their job involves making anecdotes to documents. For an average consumer, it's totally worthless.