How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables to avoid cancer

The food we eat is contaminated with harmful chemicals used to protect it from pests. Pesticides are not easy to wash off from vegetables and fruits you buy from your grocery stores and cause cancer. Here is how to remove pesticides from the food that you eat.

How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables to avoid cancer

Baking Soda

You can make it with a simple method!

  • Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda stirred into a cup or two of water.

  • Pour the whole thing into a spray bottle if you want to go that way, or pour it into a mixing bowl.

  • Use the scrub brush to clean the vegetables.

  • Rinse away any baking soda residue with water.


Vinegar works very well. It seems that soaking your produce in a 90% water / 10% white vinegar solution is the best way to go - the more acidic your solution, the higher chance of damaging the fruits' or vegetables' skin. Not only will this wash away the majority of pesticides, but research has determined it will also kill 98% of bacteria.

If you could wash away pesticides from fruit then you would only get the ones which are on the skin. But most pesticides are systemic which means they are inside the plant and fruit. You won't be able to wash them away.

A box of baking soda can be found in the cabinets of most cooks. Sodium bicarbonate, the ingredient in baking soda, is safe enough for most people to ingest a few times a day as an antacid, but like any substance, it can have its problems if not used correctly. Before you add baking soda to food, be aware of these issues so that it doesn’t become dangerous.

Vinegar isn't a great solvent for waxes, but it's a surfactant, a disinfectant, and it's non-toxic.  Gasoline or acetone would be much better solvents, and would ruin the fruit.  Many pesticides are amines, which would be dissolved by the acid in vinegar.