How to solve WhatsApp Not Connecting Issue....

In this social media controlled society people find it difficult to live even for a minute without the most popular instant messaging app 'WhatsApp'. But sometimes we come across "WhatsApp not connecting" issue. Here are few steps that would help you rectify it.

How to solve WhatsApp Not Connecting Issue....

We now live in a society that's ruled and controlled by social media. Nowadays WhatsApp is the first thing that people check as and when they wake up.

WhatsApp is used by almost all smartphone users irrespective of age and gender barrier. It helps you send texts, photos, audio, video, contacts, and locations. With emerging popularity of this app, people have now reached a state where they can't live even for a minute without this app.

You might be spending most your time on WhatsApp maintaining your contacts and keeping in touch with your friends and family. But at times we come across a "WhatsApp not connecting" issues and most people don't know how to sort it out. So here are few steps as to how you can rectify a WhatsApp not connecting issue.

Restart your phone

First thing that you need to do if your WhatsApp is not connecting is to switch off the WiFi connection, if you were using it. And after that you can either switch your phone off or activate the flight mode. You can also restart your phone and this can be of great help.

Always keep WiFi on

You should always make sure that your phone does not drop off its WiFi connection when it is on sleep or idle state. This can be prevented by making sure that 'keep WiFi On During Sleep' option is always on. This can be done under the WiFi setting option of your smart phone.

Data connection

For those who use WhatsApp on data, you should make sure that you have turned your data connection on and that the network is strong enough for you to send and receive WhatsApp messages.

Background Data

You should make sure that your WhatsApp background data is not restricted. For this what you need to do is go to data usage menu and configure the same for the app. On the other hand if your phone is working on WiFi and not on data then you need to contact your service provider and then configure the APN settings.

Update Your WhatsApp

If you find out that there is nothing wrong with your internet connection then all that you need to do is to update your WhatsApp. This can be done by updating it through your phone's app store.


If you don't see any of the above said steps working , then just uninstall your WhatsApp and then reinstall it from your phone's app store.