How you can beat jet lag for sure

Everybody wants to know remedies and tricks to get over jet lag, here are tips to avoid it.

How you can beat jet lag for sure

Travelling is always an exciting experience, be it for business purposes or just a leisurely trip. Be it new places or familiar ones, there's always something to look forward to. But you know what spoils the plans? Jet lag. None of us fly half way across the world, crossing continents and countries just to miss all the fun because of jet lag.

Here are some ways to overcome jet lag and also to enjoy your travel to the fullest.

Adjust your time prior to taking the trip



Unless you didn't book a flight last minute, you'll have enough days to figure out the time difference and start following the clock of the country you're visiting to. This gives you the time to adjust your body clock accordingly and life becomes easier when you get to your destination.

H2O Flow


Benefits and importance of the water has been passed down from one generation to another. It is the most vital ingredient required to sustain our lives. Drinking sufficient quantity of water makes us active and clean it from impurities. An active body and mind can easily adapt to the environment.

Nap time! 


Yes, watching movies in the plane is a part of the experience and some flights do not provide a comfortable environment for a nap, but try. Nap while you're in the flight. Carry your hoodie and an eye-mask. This would reduce the tension and help to relax yourself.

Say "No!No!" to caffeine (and alcohol)

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Avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol a few hours before crashing on to the bed. Both liquids have substances that serve as stimulants leading to restlessness and deprivation from much required, deep slumber.

"Pocket full of sunshine" 


There is no better way to charge yourself and trick your body into believing that its a new day and you're all ready to explore the new place. Natural light helps the body to shift body’s circadian clock.

Times are changing so should your watch


It's mostly psychological but changing the time on your watch helps in tricking your mind into believing that it's the actual time that your body is used to.

There's nothing a hot bath can't fix

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Unless you want to explore the nightlife, dip into some hot water and let it sooth you to sleep. The next day you'll be active and to greet the world with a cheerful face.

Be wise, pick an early flight 

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When you fly during the day while you're active, it gives you time to fall into the pattern of the place you're visiting. If the time zones are the same there isn't much effort. But if the time zones are different you can decide whether to relax you body or to exhaust it.