Is ascetic Baba Ramdev stretching up to reach Forbes richest list?

Under the brand name 'Patanjali Astha', Ramdev will roll out more than one hundred home worship products and stake claim in the Rs 8,000-crore segment

Is ascetic Baba Ramdev stretching up to reach Forbes richest list?

Given the speed with which yog guru Baba Ramdev is expanding his business horizons, it seems that the self-acclaimed ascetic is eyeing a slot in the elite Forbes list in the near future while Prime Minister Narendra Modi -led BJP government is at the Centre. After building a business empire with the unique marketing strategy of appeal to nature, antiquity, culture, nationalism and asceticism, through Patanjali Ayurved Ltd selling biscuits, noodles, biscuits, etc, now Ramdev is jumping onto the slot of home worship with his new venture called Patanjali Astha.

Under the brand name 'Patanjali Astha', Ramadev will roll out over a 100 products like agarbatti, dhoop, samagri, brass, etc., and stake claim in the Rs 8,000-crore home worship segment that has big brands occupying the top slot. Patanjali is attempting to dislodge the top guns. Will Ramdev succeed is a big question and remains to be seen in the days ahead with online players like Amazon too reporting a high double digit growth in sale of worship products.

According to media reports, Patanjali Astha products are expected to hit the market within two months. Among the products that will be available in shops are agarbatti sticks, dhoop, samagri, brass diyas etc.

Baba Ramdev has always been open about his aspirations. In the recent past, he made numerous trips to the US and other parts of the world where yoga is being embraced as a way of life. He is also vocal about this year's US presidential election.

Ramdev has earlier told in an interview that his dream is to eventually make Patanjali Ayurved Ltd the largest player in the fast-moving consumer goods segment with an annual revenue of Rs 50,000 crore.