Kevin Hart A.K.A Chocolate Droppa to Drop a Rap Album

Kevin Hart takes on Drake, Jay-Z and other famous rap artists as he announces the launch of his rap album with the pen name Chocolate Droppa

Kevin Hart A.K.A Chocolate Droppa to Drop a Rap Album

Looks like Stand-up comedian turn film star is about to drop the mic on all the famous rappers. Kevin Hart, who earned his fame through stand-up comedy leaped a step higher on the fame ladder with movies such as Ride Along, The Wedding Ringer and Get Hard. He has also been seen a lot with Dwayne Jhonson (The Rock), lately. The two have been heavily promoting their movie Central Intelligence. Kevin has also played the voice over of the angry bunny, Snowball, in an upcoming animated movie 

The Secret Life of Pets.

We've  mostly seen the star in comical and funny characters. However, in his recent video clip that he posted on Instagram, the man has shown some real heat. He not only announced the launch of his first rap album, on social media, but has also challenged some of the renowned names in the rap industry, including Drake and Jay-Z. Hart said that he'll be launch the album with the pen name of Chocolate Droppa. The 37 year old celebrity has also used profane language in the video as he raps.

Y'all thought that Droppa was playing......Game over Motha Fucka's......I'm BACK!!!! #Droppa #AlbumDroppingSoon

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His bold language and the fact that he is releasing the album under Motown Records, has sparked expectations and excitement among his fans. It comes as, somewhat, of a shock that the lyrics of this snippet that Kevin so daringly posted on Instagram, challenging some of the world famous rappers, were not written by him. Comedian Eliza Skinner and Jensen Karp were the creative brains behind it. It will be interesting to see if he has other collaborative works, as a part of his album. 

The album is expected to released on 15 October 2016. It has not been given a title as of now. The fans and critics alike, will be looking forward to see if Chocolate Droppa actually stands by his words ""If your a rapper I suggest you run because I'm about to come for all of you sucker's,".

Has this "small giant" just gotten himself some enemies? Is his jump into the rap industry going to prove fruitful?

Here's what we can be looking forward to: