Kim Kardashian spotted at hubby Kanye West’s nude ‘Famous’ wax show

The controversial video on 'Famous' wax show is reportedly ready for this year's Video of the Year at the MTV VMAs..

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian spent time at the wax art exhibition of her rapper husband Kanye West’s Famous art show at Blum & Poe gallery, Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian was seen enjoying the show last night. She also engaged in a snap chat with her husband. She also blew over a kiss in the video chat that went viral in no time.

Later Kim has uploaded photos and images from the show on her SNAPCHAT account as well.

The show features many prominent cultural icons of the US like former President George W. Bush, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, sports icon Taylor Swift and celebrities like Anna Wintour, , Rihanna, Chris Brown,West, his present wife Kim Kardashian , Ray J (a former boyfriend of Kim), Amber Rose, Caitlin Jenner, and Bill Cosby.

All the bodies seem be entangled in the white bed sheet and claims to be inspired from idea from artist Vincent Desiderio’s popular painting, “Sleep,” that shows a number sleepers lying on a cot, reported CNN internet edition.

The controversial video is reportedly ready for this year’s Video of the Year at the MTV VMAs. Kanye West, rapper-cum-fashion designer has put together 12 naked bodies in his much-hyped art exhibition.

CNN reported that his untitled sculpture showcasing the naked bodies wrapped in a white bed cloth.

Kanye West said, his art team DONDA, (Content, Experience & Product Company) that has been founded in memory of his late mother to make “anatomically correct” wax figures of famous personalities.  Even minute details of each has been stricly followed in the figures, added West.

West has opened the show featuring the nude “Famous” video depicting the nude wax figures of many celebrities like Kanye, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Rihanna lying on a bed together.

The controversial video is reportedly ready for this year’s Video of the Year at the MTV VMAs.