Kim Kardashian to Hit Dubai To Host Make-Up Masterclass

Kim Kardashian is going to host make up classes in Dubai, in collaboration with Make Up By Mario

Kim Kardashian to Hit Dubai To Host Make-Up Masterclass

There is no way that the Kardashians can ever stay out of the limelight. It has become a daily routine to "keep up" with their activities. At one end Kylie is enjoying her new Merc Maybach, on the other Rob has been having some problems with girlfriend Blac Chyna.

So, here's a good news for all Kardashian lovers in UAE. The celebrity is going to visit Dubai, once again, in October. This is not only good news for the Kardashian freaks but also make-up lovers. As this glamorous superstar will be hosting make-up masterclasses along with Make-up by Mario.

She had taken the world by storm when she released her make-up tutorial on contouring, after which the trend of contouring caught fire. It will be interesting to see what mark she'd leave behind, this time around.

Kim will also be launching her second edition of 
, in which she'll impart more of her knowledge and experience about taking selfies.

The professional make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic and Kim Kardashian will touch down Dubai, in October, which is a birthday month for both of them. As. Kim has tweeted to her followers, she will be in Dubai for a week and there will, most definitely, be celebrations for their birthdays. Kim had also announced her plans about Dubai, where she tweeted "So excited to go to Dubai in October for the master class with Its both of our birthday month too so we have to celebrate!"

They have previously paired up for on-stage make-up tutorials, which were performed before 1000 make-up artists. During the previous tutorials, they took the audience through the step-by-step procedure of Kim's make-up routine.

From the looks of Kardashian's recent make-up trends, she prefers a natural or nude look over heavy make up. Apparently, she and Mario are way past fake eyelashes and layers of make up. Their new addiction is highlighting.