Kunal Kapoor is 'Back': 'Veeram' Poster out!

The first poster for Kunal Kapoor's upcoming movie, 'Veeram' is here to raise expectations

Kunal Kapoor is

It's been a while since the audience has watched Kunal Kapoor work his magic on screen. He has been out of the news for a while now. Well, at the moment he has been shooting for the movie, Veeram. Surprisingly enough, the team has decided to launch its first poster and it seems like Kunal Kapoor has pulled off the look on an intense warrior really well. Although he has his back towards the viewers, his posture seems so confident and bold, and it seems all to effortless.

This film is going t narrate the story of a historical warrior, Chandu Chekavar, who was made famous by age-old classical tales of his and folklores. The film has been set in the 13th century, Kerela. The cherry on top is that the film is being produced in three languages, including Hindi, English and Malayalam.

With the willingness and dedication of having a strong script and entertaining content in the movie, director Jayaraj has appointed a hand full of foreign talents, including some technicians from Hollywood, to look after make-up, colouring, music and action departments. The renowned colourist, Jeff Olm, who is famous for his work on the movies such as
, Spiderman and Zodiac is a part of the team. Accompanying him is the musician, Jeff Rona, who has composed music for 
Phantom and Prince of Egypt.

Actor, Kunal Kapoor was rather excited to reveal the first and new poster as it is evident from his post of Twitter. He was last seen in the movie Kaun Kitney Pani Mein in 2015. However, the movie didn't receive much attention. Unlike his last Bollywood release, Veeram promises to be an action packed, intense cinematic ride. The appearance of this Love Shuv They Chicken Khurana actor, Kunal Kapoor, looks as appealing as the story line demands it to be.

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