Leonardo DiCaprio shocks Jonah Hill with his Prank

Well..well.. what happens when one prankster meets another? Leonardo DiCaprio's prank on Jonah Hill is a must see.

Leonardo DiCaprio shocks Jonah Hill with his Prank

The Oscar winner pulling a prank on his unsuspecting Wolf of Wall Street co-star, Jonah Hill outside a restaurant in New York is a new high in bromance!

Here's how it goes. Leo runs up to Jonah, with phone in hand, pretending to be a fan and clicking his photo. Jonah is listening to music with his earphones plugged. Leo quickly closes in towards his bud. This really catches Jonah by surprise and is temporarily shocked and shaken. Then he realizes it was just his mate playing a prank on him and the two hug and laugh to glory.

The two have remained closed friends since the two acted together in The Wolf of Wall Street. The duo even had appeared together on Saturday Night Live show.

Here is the video from E!online

Earlier, In an interview with Variety, Jonah had jokingly recalled the experience of doing the fighting scenes with Leo in the film: "Any time you do any sort of physical scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, he doesn’t understand that it’s acting and he beats the living cr*p out of you for six months. Since he’s bigger than me, I couldn't physically beat him back so I had to figure out a way to get back at him with my brain.'


One of his get-back moment with DiCaprio came during filming of the final shots when their characters had to eat sushi and how Leonardo ended up suffering from food poisoning.

“I was supposed to say ‘yes’ and then eat it. But then I said, ‘No, buddy, it’s all yours,’ and then he had to eat it. So he had to match that take for the rest of the night and had to eat about 70 pieces of raw yellowtail and was throwing up into a trash can,” Jonah said. “Everyone was like ‘Oh, Leo, are you okay?’ and the only two people on the floor laughing were Scorsese and me. Use your brain, it’s better than your muscles.”