Many Participate in The Great Pink Run for Breast Cancer in Ireland

Around 6,000 Participants walked, jogged and ran at Ireland's 6th consecutive marathon for breast cancer, Great Pink Run. A few celebrity athletes were also spotted in the crowd

Many Participate in The Great Pink Run for Breast Cancer in Ireland

The 6th consecutive marathon for breast cancer, Great Pink Run, held on 27 August 2016, Saturday at Phoenix Park, situated in Dublin, saw 6,000 volunteers participating for the great cause. Amid the crowd were the rugby player Shane Byrne and the Olympic silver medal winner  Sonia O’Sullivan.

The event is organised with the motive of raising fund to aid breast cancer research and treatment. Money collected from this year's Great Pink Run will be used as funds for an ongoing research on breast cancer, but also the event is tied up with an initiative involving eight designated cancer centres that are located in parts of Ireland. It has been estimated that the run will bring in €200,000, calculating entrance fee and participation from sponsors.

Currently, the funds are also used to appoint cancer specialists, through Breast Cancer Research Nurses whose role is to collect and conduct research summary on the patients' samples of tissues and serum. These are then stored in a centralised resource area which is made available to scientists and clinicians throughout the nation, with intentions of speeding up the process of research and experiment, and in turn creating new and better methods of treating patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Research organisations have claimed that because of the increase in the volume of samples from women with breast cancer, conducting research on a large scale has been made possible, and the new research findings are showing promising results that can cure breast cancer within a span of 6-9 months.

On an average, 2,500 women are diagnosed with cancer every year.  Breast Cancer is said to be the most common type of cancer acquired by women, in today's day and age.

"We are delighted with the success of the Great Pink Run, which has gone from strength to strength, raising over half a million euro to support breast cancer awareness and research programmes nationally." says Aisling Hurley, CEO of Breast Cancer Ireland. He also added “Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and this is an opportunity to show support and run for them.”