Massive Tornado ravages Southwest Michigan

A Tornado recently hit Michigan city, slamming the Grand Rapids. Reports of property damage, no injury or loss of life

Massive Tornado ravages Southwest Michigan

It has been reported that a tornado hit the south western regions of Michigan on Saturday, 20 August 2016. There has been a lot of property damage, including the community of Grand Junction which is 60 miles away from Grand Rapids.

There are lot of reports of property damage, including a tree crashing into a house with two children due to the storm, but fortunately there was no loss of life or injuries caused by the tornado. The two children, both under the age of 13, whose house was hit by the tree, due to the tornado, were alone at home. They hid inside the basement as the tornado hit their home, located in Wilson Avenue.

Jared Maples, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service confirmed that they sent out their team to the southwest Michigan to check if the Tornado had touched the area. He said "Radar signature is pretty evident that something has struck".

One of the residents from the Grand Rapids area, Andy Bloos, said "I didn’t know what I was going to see when I looked up,". He also narrated "I could feel my house shaking and my roof buckling. You could hear things banging on the roof of the house." He said he took shelter in the basement of his home.

According to the officials at consumer energy, over 20,000 consumers of utility lost power in various regions of the city. A local business, True Blue Farm, has also been reported to have suffered many damages to the property. Along with this, roofs, walls, vehicles and trees also included on the list of damages incurred because of the tornado.

Apart from reporting no loss of life and no injuries, the silver lining is that only the Wyoming area of Michigan was hit by the Tornado, all other areas faced severe weather but no damages to life or property.