US presidential elections: Why Donald Trump may get LGBT votes after Melania Trump’s nude photos published

Nude photos of Republican candidate Donald Trump's wife, Melania Trump, might turn into an advantage for Donald Trump as it will switch the opinion of gay and lesbian community towards him.
Malenia Trump nude pics in US newspaper.

The controversy over Melania Trump’s naked photos ‘may help Donald Trump win LGBTQ and single white male vote’ said media reports.

Rush Limbaugh, radio host who is well known for taking a conservative stand said that nude photos of Malena Trump might turn into beneficial for Donald Trump as it will switch the opinion of gay and lesbian community voters for the Republican presidential nominee.

“Have you seen The New York Post again with nude photos of Melania Trump?” Limbaugh was quoted as saying to British newspaper Telegraph.

Talking about re-publishing of more nude photos of Malenia featuring other women by New York Post , Limbaugh said, “And today these are, what would you call, girl-on-girl I think is the – nude girl-on-girl photos with Melania and other women.”

He added, now could now win over the LGBT voters after the publication of these photos. “I think this probably might wrap up the LGBTQ vote for Trump,” he said. “You never know how these things are seen. You never know.

“And the single, white male vote, particularly the… college-educated white male vote. Yeah, I mean, isn’t this kind of stuff that makes people big stars today on Twitter and Facebook, TMZ? I mean, this is just the Kardashian’s in a sense of the subject type stuff. I mean, it’s relatable.”

The New York Post, which published the controversial pictures was the first leading mainstream paper to publicly endorse Trump in the upcoming presidential election in November. The tabloid is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul.

Trump’s campaign managers felt that publishing the photos will not have any impact on his prospects in the election

The photos were taken 21 years ago for a now defunct men’s magazine when Melania was a leading model.

The tabloid again came with nude pictures of Melania Trump yesterday, this time with female models.