Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction should eat these

Presenting you some natural remedies to defeat Erectile Dysfunction...

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction should eat these

erectile dysfunction

We know that drugs and medicines could help you to fight erection dysfunctions. But have you changed your way of eating as well? Include these in your diet charts so that you defeat the dysfunction.

Fresh fruit juices

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Begin with the delightfully tasting and healthy fresh fruit juices. Drink fruit juices freshly made with adding no more amount of sugar. Too much of sugar can never be healthy.  See that the fruit content is more than the water and rich enough to have. Too much sugar leads to weight gain. This results your heart to pump the blood flow harder. This slows down the flow required for an erection. So cut down on excess sweet producing devils in order to maintain a long-lasting erection.


[caption id="attachment_307945" align="alignnone" width="300"]Watermelon

This refreshing and energising fruit contains the reactions that are similar to the ED medicines. It may even increase your sex drive as studies say.  Watermelon has greater water content although rest of the fruit is loaded with lycopene. Lycopene, is an antioxidant that is advantage for your heart, prostate and skin.

Vitamin E based foods

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Peanuts, mango, almonds, broccoli and wheat are rich in Vitamin E. This keeps the functioning of the arteries and veins healthy and active. It boosts healthy blood flow and circulation in the body. Therefore, increase of blood circulation will also keep sexually excited.

Leafy Greens and Beetroots

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Leafy green vegetables such as celery and spinach will increase in the circulation of blood because of their high volume of nitrates. Beetroot juice are said to super high in nitrates. Nitrates are the vasodilators that open up blood vessels and maximize the blood flow. Several case reports for erectile dysfunction are already published based on this food. The ED drugs that are used today are depending upon on the stress-free effects of nitrates on the blood vessels which supplies to the sex organ.

Zinc content in Oysters and Other Shellfish

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The oysters are known to be the love potions. One of the main reasons is that oysters have greater amount of the mineral zinc that plays a major role in the production of the male hormone testosterone. Moreover, it lowers the levels of testosterone that could be one of reasons for erectile dysfunction. Raw shellfish contains compound that generates and sends a rush to release sexual hormones in both men and women.