Mumbai Conjoined Twins Might Not Undergo separation Surgery

The conjoined twins who share a common thorax, spine, heart, abdomen, stomach and pelvis might not undergo surgery due to fear over their survival.

The conjoined twins who were born in Sion hospital, Mumbai, last month are unlikely to undergo surgery to separate them anytime soon following fear expressed by the mother about the survival of her babies.

This pair of conjoined Twins (boys) have a separate fully developed head, two healthy set of limbs but shares a single heart. They are joined from the thorax – the part from the neck to abdomen and weighs 4.5 kg.

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It was then reported that a special team of doctors would carry out a possible surgery to separate the infants and that the hospital authorities would provide all facilities completely free of cost.
But now as reported by a leading daily the conjoined twins are unlikely to be seperated due to their mother’s fear over their survival.

Dr Paras Kothari, pediatric surgeon at the Sion Hospital said, “Despite our best efforts, we are unable to convince the mother (of the conjoined twins) and therefore, we are yet to decide whether or not to operate to separate the twins.” They have a common thorax, spine, heart, abdomen, stomach and pelvis.

Dr Kothari added, “Since they share the same spinal cord up to chest, hence there are slim chances of survival of one of the babies, and this is the point with which the mother is not convinced to give her permission to operate on them.”

He also said, “This is really a rarest of the rare case and probably the only case (of its kind) in the world. Despite that, we have put in all efforts to go for the operation and have done all medical examinations and other diagnosis.”

The hospital surgeon added that the babies’ family especially their mothers refused to give the consent as to get them operated. He also said that the babies are fine at the moment.

Dean of Sion hospital Dr Suleiman Merchant said that the hospital has not insisted on the surgery as they respect the family’s decision.