Not just medals, prize money is equally important: Akshay Kumar

India hasn't won any medal at the ongoing Rio Olympics yet
Akshay Kumar : Bollywood superstar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said that honouring sportsperson with medals for their achievement in competitions like Olympics is not enough.

The “Rustom” actor stressed that providing them financial rewards also are a more important and practical practice.

“Winning a certificate or a medal is a very big achievement, but don’t you think receiving money is more practical? because I see that several people who participate, a lot of them are from poor families.

I have seen several times that some people want to sell their medals and earn money, and several such stories you all have heard. So it is better that when you honour someone, do it not just with a medal but also with money. it is important because you have to be practical in life,” Akshay said in a media interaction on the success of his recent film “Rustom”.

While there are several countries like USA and China, who win numerous medals at the Olympics every time, India is a country that usually ends with medals in single digits — if at all.

India is also yet to win a medal at the Rio Olympics that conclude August 21.