Pics: Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie‬‬ Caught in Romantic Act on Mexico Trip

Looks like things are getting hot and steamy between this new couple which has been the talk of the town, lately.

Pics: Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie‬‬ Caught in Romantic Act on Mexico Trip

So, clearly Justine Bieber proved that Sofia Richie was important to him when he chose her over his friends at the time he deactivated his Instagram account. Prior to that, there were talks and rumours about the two being in a relationship, but nothing was confirmed.

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Now that the the beans have been spilled, seems as if Sofia Richie and Justine Bieber don't mind if the world ogles at them as they continue to take their romance to foreign lands.

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Lately, Sofia Richie had posted videos on Snapchat as Justine Bieber running around in the plane while they were one their flight to yet another trip. She tagged his video calling him a "mental" as he paced back and forth. This time they landed in Mexico. Relaxing under the sun the couple made no efforts to keep their romance "private", like Justine had previously demanded. Many photos of Sofia and Justine have been snapped where the they are shown to be expressing their feeling for each other through intimate gestures such as kissing, wrapping their hands around each other and Sofia even straddled on to the singer of 
as the love birds continue to share a kiss. The sight was quite similar to Justine and Selena Gomez's kiss on the beach back when they were a thing.


Sofia is rather active on her social media platforms and had also shared a picture of the resort that she and and Justine Bieber have been sharing in Mexico. Guess what they say about "opposites attract" is true, at least in their case. She also made a video of the resort as Justine decorated it with flowers and candles in the shape of hearts that made a trail for Sofia to follow and lead her to Justine where he danced around to put up a mini entertaining act for her, as a late birthday celebration.

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Sofia recently celebrated her 18th birthday with Justine Bieber in Japan and was welcomed back home with a surprised birthday party from her near and dear ones, after which she and Justine flew of to spend some time together in Mexico.