Pics: Posing Tips for All Those Who Want Model-Like Photos

Who doesn't like having uncountable likes on their profile pictures and Instagram posts? Here are a few techniques to make you look like a model

Pics: Posing Tips for All Those Who Want Model-Like Photos

We all want that perfect picture of ours which we can put up on social media and bag likes in triple digits. Most of us are guilty of wanting to have our photos clicked like one of those magazine cover models.

So here's the good news, you don't have to be a model to click some decent photos. All you have to do is practice these particular poses and adapt the following instructions when you next pose in front of the lenses and your photos will never be low on likes.

1. The Arbitrary Angle 



While you're facing the camera, don't face right at it. Keep your body slightly arbitrary or diagonal to the camera with your eye on the lens. There are two advantages to it, firstly, your face won't look flat. Secondly, when we face away from the camera, some bit of our chubbiness is concealed. Another advantage of posing arbitrary or diagonal to the camera is that we all have a particular side the we feel looks better, show the camera more of that side of yours. Have your hair in the front to hide some more of your chubbs if that makes you comfortable.

2. Elbows up!

IMG_0442 copy

This hack is rather useful for all those who feel insecure because of their arms. To avoid making your arms look thick, you can raise your elbows a little or  grab on to your waist with a side pose to give an overall slimmer look.

3. Bend it like Beckham

IMG_0459 copy

Lets just admit it, we've all adapted to clicking selfies from a top angle to make our faces look sharper. You can do that for a full length photograph, too. Have the photographer click you from a higher angles. To make things even better, you can, perhaps, bend a little with your legs crossed over and your hands on your knees as you take support of the wall. It's a cool, relaxed pose which not only makes your face look slimmer, but helps conceal thigh and arm fat, too.

4. Wrap it up

IMG_0468 copy

In you're worried about your belly, wrap your arms around yourself with your hands resting on your stomach. This will help hiding your belly fat and maybe you can even push it in a little. However, while tucking in your tummy, don't force your elbows backward, instead force them downwards, to make it seem effortless.

5. Against the wall 

IMG_0473 copy

You don't always have to have your back against the wall. Sometimes, it can be your front, to flatten in all up. If you're afraid to show off your chubby arms, let your hair do their magic and have your locks freely fall by your arms. Don't forget to have your chin up. Not too much, just slightly.

Photo Credit: Nick Photography