Playing Pokemon Go helps to improve fitness says study

Recent studies have found that the much spoken off game on Augmented Reality Pokemon Go has health benefits too. Isn't it a good news for game freaks?

Playing Pokemon Go helps to improve fitness says study

Here is a surprisingly interesting fact. Recently researchers have found out that Pokemon Go, the much talked about Augmented reality game has health benefits too.

According to the study made by researchers, Pokémon Go stimulates substantial amounts of physical activity in players as they have to run a lot to catch Pokemons.

A leading daily has quoted Tom Baranowski, Professor of Pediatrics at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas as saying, “We might call this stealth ‘exergame’ programming and we have a lot to learn about how to achieve this!”

The study also noted that the combination of Augmented Reality technology, geocaching and other techniques to create innovative and active video games (AVGs) has potential personal and public health benefits too.

Pokemon is an AR game, which uses GPS to locate the player's location to embed Pokemon's. Players walk for hours with out even realising the fact that they have been walking for hours, as they physically chase the animated Pokémon creatures based on video images displayed on their smart phones.

The game uses the player's GPS to track a player’s location and overlays “monsters” that can be hunted in that location on his mobile screen. The captured monsters can then be trained for battles.

The authors noted in a paper that appeared on the Games for Health Journal website that ,“Game developers could then use this information to create new games that would be both fun to play and promote beneficial physical activity.”

This AR game developed by Niantic lab holds the record for the most first-week downloads since Apple launched its iOS app store eight years ago. In the case of android people used this twice as much as they use Facebook.

Media have reported that during the time of its launch, people used to spent 75 minutes on an average, on the other hand they spent only 35 minutes on Facebook.