Powerful Tornado disrupts life in New Orleans, 2 injured

At least two minor injuries were reported when a strong tornado hit the New Orleans today afternoon.

Powerful Tornado disrupts life in New Orleans, 2 injured

A strong tornado has hit the New Orleans today afternoon, destroying many houses and disrupting power supply. At least two minor injuries were reported in the incident, added local officials.

The National Weather Service said, it has devastated atleast a half-mile radious of New Orleans' Tremé district, an old neighbourhoods of the city.

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Some of the houses went on a toss like “complete ‘pancake’ collapse”, said a fire brigade staff to Independent.
Two were injured when a wall collapsed.

"Two individuals were walking down the street in the severe weather. They happened to be right near a building when it collapsed," Aaron Miller, director of the New Orleans homeland security office said to media today. Miller added all the affaected buildings will be demolished soon.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu after surveying the affected region, remarked that "It looks like we had some tornadic activity." "It's really amazing," he later told journalists.The terrifying sight of a funnel cloud loomed large over the city, said officials.

Meanwhile National Weather Service revealed its has found severe damage from winds of the 80 mph EF0 tornado that lashed across a half-mile track today.

Most of the damage was borne by city's 7th Ward and Treme neighborhoods. They were facing severe issue of blighted housing, since the Hurricane Katrina hit them in 2005.

Locals said, first they heard a lightning noise, seemed like some explosion. But, to their shock they found lightning hitting city's power lines. Hundreds of power lines have been badly affected and power supply is lost completely in some parts, throwing citizens lives out of gear, said officials.

NOFD Superintendent Tim McConnell admitted that the incident was quite rare, “It's rare," McConnell said. "It's rare that you get that type of event and it happened very quickly."

The National Weather Service has said that EF-0 tornado hit the city at 3:30 p.m. About five buildings were destroyed under the impact of the storm, added officials.

Some locals said that those buildings were almost dilapidated after hit by Hurricane Katrina. "It was a dilapidated two-story structure. It had work done and then it was rotting and had work done again,” neighbor told. “It'd be waiting to fall down for years."